Data Collection - Due Diligence Process

Using Alteryx you can rapidly integrate the available data sources, working from transaction level data to provide diagnostic and descriptive insights. All of this analysis is done with a deal advisory perspective, at deal speed. The use of Alteryx allows associates to spend less time crunching data and more time provided value-added business analysis. This means we better insights and a more valuable outputs for the executive teams.

Adidas Data Preparation & Visualization

Infotopics worked with Adidas teams in different regions and business units to drive digitalization in sales and marketing.

Reebok Net Promotor Score

Infotopics worked with global Reebok teams on deploying NPS (net promotor score) rapidly through their business.

Univar Sales & Marketing Reporting

Infotopics worked with Univar to a standard sales and marketing reporting structure and anchor it into theira CRM system.

Döhler Global Management Reporting

Infotopics worked with Döhler to digitize their global executive and senior management reporting.

LDM Business Scan

Infotopics worked with LDM on a complete business scan, ranging from price management to working capital management.