Customer Satisfaction - Transactional Net Promotor Score

Together with an multi-lingual call center, we setup random transaction sampling in five categories: orders, shipments, invoices, information requests and complaints on a weekly base. Each category was assigned a set of contact people within the customer, who where then contacted personally for NPS-ratings and feedback on that specific transaction. Using Tableau visualization and Alteryx data preparation, these NPS results and the associated comments where made available real-time across the globe for the local business teams to act upon.

Adidas Data Preparation & Visualization

Infotopics worked with Adidas teams in different regions and business units to drive digitalization in sales and marketing.

Reebok Net Promotor Score

Infotopics worked with global Reebok teams on deploying NPS (net promotor score) rapidly through their business.

Univar Sales & Marketing Reporting

Infotopics worked with Univar to a standard sales and marketing reporting structure and anchor it into theira CRM system.

Döhler Global Management Reporting

Infotopics worked with Döhler to digitize their global executive and senior management reporting.

LDM Business Scan

Infotopics worked with LDM on a complete business scan, ranging from price management to working capital management.